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Celebrate Cinco de Mayo With Your Staff and Customers

May 1, 2023

Mark Pursley

Brandon Allen (3)

In the US, Cinco de Mayo has become a huge celebration. It's also an opportunity to show support for the Mexican community, including Mexican-owned businesses. Here are some ways that you can bring the celebration to your own workplace:

  • Offer themed specials to your customers throughout the week.
  • Highlight your own product offerings that are sourced from Mexican-owned businesses.
  • Partner with local Mexican-owned businesses to create joint promotions and show solidarity.
  • Host a Cinco de Mayo breakfast/lunch/dinner or even a social for your staff that highlights the food and culture of Mexico – be sure to have a locally-owned Mexican restaurant do the catering for you!
  • Create social media content that showcases and celebrates Mexican-owned businesses, and encourage your followers to support them.

By celebrating Cinco de Mayo in this way, we can not only support Mexican-owned businesses on this special day, we can also expand our business network and build relationships year-round outside of our usual suppliers and clients.


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