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Organizational Goals

 Our Chamber regularly reviews the changing needs of business in our area and addresses those needs by developing and working towards focused annual goals. Many initiatives have a direct impact on our members, while others ensure the relevance and sustainability of our organization.


In the area of Advocacy, we aim to establish a master list of issues impacting local business, and then strategically work with area partners, local government leaders, and elected officials to do what's best for business in York County.  We accomplish these goals in a variety of ways:

• Polling - we conduct periodic surveys and small group sessions to gain insight on both specific items of interest and on big-picture issues.

• Events - we host small-audience events and larger informational programs, all providing access to local elected officials while moderating constructive discussions on local issues.

• Video Updates - during each Legislative Session we gather the latest updates from Columbia and produce quick and easy-to-follow video summaries, keeping our members up-to-date on the issues that impact their businesses.


Through this initiative we bring education, business, and workforce partners together to create high-quality, sustainable workforce solutions for York County. Our work in 2023 begins and ends with activating our Talent Pipeline Management initiative. To do this we will:

  • establish a Talent Task Force made up of key players in the areas of workforce training, recruitment, and retention;
  • identify and select a highly dedicated group to reinvent and relaunch our Regional Chamber Foundation; and
  • raise significant funds to support individualized Talent Concierge services for local businesses, provide high-level training to our staff and volunteers, and provide informational programs for area employers.


More than ever, companies are feeling the need to actively identify and train young talent, while many young managers find themselves in leadership positions much earlier than planned. Our role is simply to help prepare both employer and employee for inevitable change by cultivating leadership skills in our current and future workforce. We approach this goal by providing opportunities to students from K-12 through higher education, and to entry-level, middle, and senior management workers. Those opportunities include:

  • hands-on training workshops through professional organizations such as Franklin Covey
  • programs to focus on individual skill-building and community leadership such as Leadership York County (LYCO) and LeadershipCORE
  • ways to engage students and young professionals through partnerships with area educational institutions and other special recognition events like our Ones to Watch under-40 program.



Without our investors and members, we cannot accomplish the important work ahead. In order to provide the quality programs and resources outlined above, we plan to expand our reach to businesses of all sizes and representing all industries with a goal of 10% growth in the coming year. We do this with the help of a strong and dedicated leadership team by adapting to challenges and sharing our successes.

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