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Mindful Communication = Team Success

April 12, 2023

Mark Pursley


Communication is key to cultivating a diverse workforce. Here are a few mindful practices that will help improve team success:

1) Avoid interrupting or moving the conversation too fast. Let others finish a full thought without assuming you know what they're about to say and take time to explore new ideas.

2) Give your full attention and avoid distractions. People are less likely to share ideas and experiences if they sense disinterest.

3) Listen and watch for the full picture, not just facts and answers. Inspiration and intuition is in the details. Exploring the less obvious elements of an idea or conversation and asking related questions could lead to real progress.

4) Ask questions to find out how a team member's unique knowledge and perspective shapes their thinking. When you truly "consider the source", what might seem like a random or unrelated comment might just be the breakthrough you've been looking for.

5) Repeat what you think you heard - this helps clarify and get everyone on the same page. We all misunderstand sometimes and that can lead to some major challenges. Repeating your version of the conversation can easily clear things up and help the team move forward.


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