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Tearing the Paper Ceiling

November 20, 2022

Celeste Tiller

There are millions of workers who are STARs (Skilled Through Alternative Routes) that are seeking higher-wage jobs, but have been blocked by the Paper Ceiling - an invisible barrier that comes at every turn for workers without a bachelor's degree.

This is an outdated practice that assumes individuals who have not achieved a minimum level of education cannot qualify as skilled workers. In fact, millions of workers have alternate (and potentially more relevant) training through community college courses, workforce training, bootcamp or certificate programs, military service, or on-the-job learning.

The Paper Ceiling only contributes to our current workforce challenges and so, developing opportunities for STARs is a great way to combat the labor shortage. Additionally, hiring STARs helps create a more diverse and inclusive workplace. The York County Regional Chamber of Commerce Foundation is working with our local and state workforce partners to create pathways for STARs and we'd love input from area employers. Look for more information and opportunities for involvement in the new year, or contact us here anytime.

Read more about The Paper Ceiling in this article posted by McKinsey & Company.

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