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4 Reasons to Care About Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

June 7, 2022

Rael Jackson

Diversity is a growing topic inside businesses big and small, especially those with a human resources department. But what about the small local businesses that make up the majority of our Chamber membership?

The Chamber is always searching for new ways to boost inclusiveness in the workforce. We’ve researched 4 reasons that your small business should also care about diversity, equity and inclusion. And we even have some conversation starters you can swipe. If you're looking to promote greater equity, inclusion and diversity in your own workplace, consider our 4 key reasons for making these principles a top priority. Promoting diversity help business leaders achieve a greater sense of empathy towards their employees and clients, but it can also allow organizations to gain a significant advantage over their competitors.


1. Expanding Your Workforce

When employers keep an open mind during the recruitment process, they're far more likely to attract more qualified employees to their business. Talent spans across all genders, races and ethnicities, and only employers who make an effort to seek out underrepresented groups will have the opportunity to strengthen their existing workforce. Your current employees are also likely to feed off of the innovative ideas that their diverse coworkers offer, which can help boost creativity throughout your organization as a whole.


2. Improving Your Reputation
According to research, about 67 percent of job candidates factor diversity into their career decisions. If you establish yourself as an organization that cares about diversity, equity and inclusion, job seekers will notice. This positive association that others attach to your company helps improve your business's reputation as a whole. Likewise, organizations are more likely to retain existing employees if they make a point of promoting diversity. This is because employees tend to identify more strongly with a company if it reflects their personal beliefs.


3. Build Trust Among Customers
Your customers see your employees before they ever see the owner, and employees are often the first people your clients interact with. If your workforce lacks diversity, your clients may be wary of putting their trust in your business, especially if they belong to an underserved population. When your employees represent the widest array of races, ethnicities and sexual orientations, the widest array of clients will also feel included. By incorporating diversity into your workforce, you'll also be better able to understand and cater to the needs of your client base.

4. Boost Productivity
Diversity, equity and inclusion isn't just about improving the way others perceive your business. These tenants also play a critical role in your company's output. Studies have shown that diverse groups tend to perform better as a whole than homogeneous groups. This is because members of diverse groups bring a wide variety of talents, skills, opinions and perspectives to the table. When these abilities are combined, employees have the opportunity to come up with innovative solutions to problems and work through these issues at a faster rate.


Help Your Small Business Grow by Promoting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace
Your small business can benefit in a multitude of ways by embracing diversity, equity and inclusion. From improving your overall reputation to expanding your workforce, you can strengthen nearly every aspect of your business by incorporating these principles into your company's mission. At the end of the day, you'll have happier employees and clients when you make inclusion a priority in your workplace.

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