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Supporting York County's First Responders

First responders are the unsung heroes of our community! They're the brave souls who rush to the scene during emergencies, providing essential help when we need it most. Whether it's firefighters tackling blazing infernos, paramedics offering life-saving care, or police officers ensuring our safety, these dedicated professionals keep our businesses and neighborhoods safe and secure. Their quick actions and unwavering commitment make all the difference in moments of crisis, making our community a safer, stronger, and more resilient place to live. We owe them a huge thanks for always having our backs!


The Leadership York County Class of 2024 took on the task of providing financial support and supplies to various first responder agencies across the county, and also worked to show their appreciation for these outstanding individual who serve our citizens each day.  They did this by:

  • Hosting a 5K Race in partnership with Carowinds - this resulted in a fundraising total of over $20,000
  • Encouraging local students to create Thank You notes, pictures, and banners for first responders
  • Personally delivering those notes, along with other gifts of appreciation
  • Using the proceeds from their fundraiser to purchase gloves, bottled water, and guardian lights for local agencies, and to support ongoing initiatives like the RHPD Cadet's Academy.

This service project was proudly supported by:


To learn more about Leadership York County, including details about how to apply for future classes, visit

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