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 Each year the Board of Directors reviews the accomplishments of the previous year and creates the goals for the upcoming year. Listed below are the goals for 2015.

2015 Organizational Goals – ranked by priority

External Goals

  • Continue supporting role in economic and job development, including the public launch of an initiative to assist in the understanding and development of the "knowledge-sector economy" in our region and county;
  • Increase the impact of the Small Business Council, including an increase in participation from prior year, along with a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship (in support and as part of the Chamber's "knowledge" initiative);
  • Maintain focus on a concise agenda of timely legislative issues; and
  • Expand and/or enhance the Chamber's buy-local program, including the significant growth of the gift card program in sales and the number of participating businesses.

Internal Goals

Implement a knowledge/innovation initiative as an additional member benefit/service, with an emphasis on and/or development of….

  • A young professionals program,  
  • A technology users group, and
  • The local school districts' offerings in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).

Develop a comprehensive marketing plan that includes:

  • A cultural incorporated/integrated value proposition and the mission/vision;
  • Strategies to address the untapped membership potential; and 
  • A communications strategy seeking the most effective and timely way to communicate with members and potential members.

Establish a multi-faceted membership engagement/retention plan that will...

  • Increase for 2016 the retention of existing members by 2% and campaign members by 5% and
  • Conduct, in conjuction with a third party, a survey of membership needs and satisfaction.

Address the unfinished items of the long-range plan, related to the following components:

  • Finances: address both the need to retire the Rock Hill facility mortgage and grow reserve funds, while continuing to explore new funding/revenue sources;
  • Programs/services: update approach, improve usefulness, increase net revenues and continue the evaluation of each program's cost- and mission- effectiveness;
  • Staffing: continue efforts to retain adequately-paid, properly-trained and high-performing staff;
  • Facility: continue consideration of needs and function for/in all three service areas.

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